Last week in Qobrix (August 14 – August 20)

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Last week the office was even slower than the previous one. Public holidays, annual leave, and traditional summer heat don’t help the productivity.  With most people taking time off to enjoy the warm days, the sea, and their families, we didn’t push out any Qobrix releases.  But the work continued, albeit at a slower pace.  We are preparing for a major release early this week.  Most of the underlying components have already been tagged with new versions and are being integrated into the platform now.  There’s a lot coming, so stay tuned.

Qobrix - Navigation

We have also poured some work into the website – quiet a few styling improvements, some search engine optimization, and improvements to the navigation.  You might have seen the breadcrumbs navigation on some of the deeper-hidden pages of the site, like those inside the Knowledge Base.