Real Estate Software – Property Developers gaining an advantage through technology use?

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In the world of real-estate, one of the main challenges that Property Developers face is gaining customer exposure. Even properties that are built with the most exquisite design and the highest level of specification and quality require a consistent marketing message to build a customer base.

With the Qobrix platform, we provide the ability for property developers to work multiple sales channels to increase their marketing message exponentially. We do this by providing a robust Real Estate CRM in combination with innovative portals for assisting agents with promoting properties and for providing a higher level of customer satisfaction which exponentially increases referrals.

Our Agent Portal provides a 24 hour self-service platform for agents and partners to access marketing collateral (branded and unbranded), pricing and industry articles. Our Client Portal allows customers to view the progress on their properties, access their contracts, receive their statements and interact with the Property Developer. Our White Label software allows for the innovative deployment of multiple websites to multiple partners in a manner of minutes.

All of the above is achieved with minimal administration as the Real Estate CRM feeds all the above systems in real-time. For example, if a price increase is made in the CRM, it is automatically reflected in the Agent Portal, White Label software as well as the Property Developer’s website.

The Real Estate CRM can also be integrated with a property developer’s mass mailing solution (e.g. MailChimp or GetResponse), or bulk SMS system (e.g. Clickatell), to achieve marketing efficiencies and track campaigns and their results. It can also be integrated with a telephony system to log sales calls and allow for automated dial-out. Further integration options exist for Live Chat conversations, accounting systems to view statements, social media monitoring, and many more.

In summary, if the technology put in place provides a substantial increase in marketing exposure and organisational efficiency, while keeping administration to a minimum, then a Real Estate Property Developer can gain a significant advantage over their peers.