Last week in Qobrix (January 29 – February 4)

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Last week was one of the busiest we had in recent months.  However, it was not expressed so much in the releases.  We have only published the following two versions last week:

Most of the work happened behind the scenes.  We have been busy setting up additional demo sites for our products, such as Forex CRM and Forex Member’s Area.  We have also pushed some changes on the product level, which are not covered by the Qobrix Platform release notes.  Here are some of those features to give you an idea on what we’ve been working on.

Activities : Chats Module

Qobrix - Activities - Chat - v31.4.5

CRM Activities now have a brand new and shiny Chats module.  Additionally to Calls, Meetings, and Tasks, Chat module provides all the necessary functionality for keeping track of communications with clients via online chats and instant messengers.  This is particularly useful for those industries, where there are legal and regulatory requirements for recording all clientn communications.

As with other Qobrix modules, Chats module can be used either for manual entry, or be integrated with a variety of services and applications, such as LiveChat Inc, LivePerson LiveChat, Zendesk Chat, and others.

Campaigns Module

Qobrix - Campaigns - v31.4.5

We have been offering our Campaigns module to selective clients for quite some time now.  Last week we decided that Campaigns functionality is useful for pretty much every Qobrix CRM application, so we made it generally available.  Campaigns module is useful for tracking marketing campaigns, their budgets, costs, and results.  It is easily integrated with other CRM modules, and external services.  Out of the box, Campaigns module is linked to the Leads module.

Forex Partners Module

Qobrix - Forex Partners - v31.4.5

For the Qobrix Forex CRM variant, we are now offering a much improved Partners module.  This module is useful for Forex brokers that work closely with Introducing Brokers (IBs).  Out of the box, it provides the functionality to manage IBs, their commission plans, and much more.  Our Partners module also supports hierarchical relationships, which are useful for brokers who use IBs, sub-IBs, sub-sub-IBs, etc.

Partners module can be integrated with all the other Forex CRM modules, such as Leads and Trading Accounts.


As always, there are more exciting news in the pipelines.  So stay tuned and have a great week!