Last week not much has happened within the Qobrix platform development.  We have only released a single patch version:

However, quite a bit was done with some of our Qobrix applications.  Forex CRM, for instance, got the most changes and improvements.  We have adjusted the fields in some of the core modules, like Leads, Accounts, and Trading Accounts.  We have also slightly improved the Campaigns module.  And we have significantly improved the Partners functionality.  There is now a separate module for managing Partners (replacing the old functionality with multiple fields).  Partners module supports hierarchical relationships (partner, sub-partner, sub-sub-partner, etc) and provides an easy way to track incoming requests via the partner channels.

We have also improved the synchronization of data between the Forex Member’s Area and the Forex CRM.  New registrations are now tracked against the Partners and Campaigns, account and document statuses are updated in both directions, and the document files are pushed to the CRM correctly, irrelevant of the file type and size.

We have also prepared a few fixes and improvements that will be released this week.  These are now in the final stages of testing.

As always, stay tuned and have a great week ahead!