Last week in Qobrix (June 25 – July 1)

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Last week we focused on the development of some long awaited features.  Some of these are too early to release and need more effort.  Some are ready and were released.  Yet others are almost done and are in the last stages of testing.  Here are the versions that we have released last week:

The day to day work is important, but it’s also good to pause for a second sometimes and recognize the milestones and achievements.  On June 30th, we have celebrated the second birthday since the release of Qobrix v1.0.0.  It’s only been two years, but it feels more like that release happened in a galaxy far far away.  Even looking at just the last year, there are 10 major version releases, dozens of new features, and hundreds of improvements.  Qobrix is as good as it ever was, and we keep pushing it further.  So, here’s a cheer for the next year, and another after, and one more, and many more!