Last week was all about upgrading our codebase for CakePHP 3.6.  We have completed roughly 40% of the necessary changes, with more being on the way.  There are quite a few improvements that this upgrade brings, including improved security, stability, better test code coverage and more.  Additionally, we are fixing any issues reported by the PHPStan static analysis tool, and, where possible, forcing PHPStan analysis during the test runs.  This has already helped us to identify and fix a few tricky issues.  But the process is not complete yet.  We won’t be releasing the CakePHP 3.6 upgrade until all of our codebase is in sync, so you’ll have to stay tuned for another week or two.   We do however keep releasing smaller versions with minor improvements and fixes just to keep the ball rolling.  Last week we have tagged the following release:

Have a great week ahead!