Qobrix – Innovative software for Real Estate

The most common problem faced is the inability to generate the right kind of information for decision-making. Data is stored in many different places, whether in homegrown systems or off-the-shelf software, that do not integrate with each other, making the process of understanding the current state of business difficult and time consuming.

When we created Qobrix, our goal was to create a platform that would become the heartbeat of a property developer’s enterprise and would offer innovative solutions to the problems they faced. We made their issues our own and focused on developing a solution we would want to use ourselves. With key members of our team having spent significant time in Real Estate, this gave us an intricate understanding of the day-to-day challenges faced.

Today our software provides a central CRM System that handles customer relationships, property management, content management, financial management and land and asset management. We have also developed a series of innovative portals that seamlessly integrate with the CRM System including:

  • A client portal which provides every client with a gateway to access their pertinent information and the opportunity to communicate with the property developer.
  • An agent portal which allows agents to gain access to sales, marketing material and tools that they may need.
  • A white label system which generates websites for agents within minutes that markets properties with the agent’s branding and information.

Qobrix ensures that all the portals and front-end systems are updated automatically from the central CRM System and don’t need separate administration. This way we can guarantee that all information is up to date and accurate, while being immediately available at your fingertips.

Qobrix allows you to have the ultimate Real Estate platform for increasing operational efficiencies and maximizing customer exposure through a variety of digital channels.