Hashtags for Real Estate – the Do’s and Don’ts

Apr 26, 2019 | Marketing

If you are even slightly familiar with social media, you’ll definitely have heard of hashtags. With the generation of millennials slowly but steadily becoming a target client audience, more and more Real Estate marketing teams are starting to use social media channels to promote their business. To do this successfully, you simply cannot overlook the importance of using the correct hashtags under your posts.

But what exactly do hashtags do? Simply speaking they allow people, who are not your followers, to view your page. When you use a certain hashtag, you are automatically grouped with other posts similar to yours. So, if someone wants to search that keyword, he will gain access to all the posts under it, yours included. This way more people can have the opportunity to find your account and, if they find it interesting, follow it.

You can use one word or whole phrases as tags. Add them below a text or incorporate them within it. Be careful though, as it is very easy to get carried away and start overweighing your posts with them. Personally, I like to add my tags below the text, leaving some space in-between. This way my readers aren’t disturbed by them and can focus on the message I am trying to convey. If you do decide to use hashtags inside your text, make sure that you don’t use more than 2. It’s also important to remember that hashtags are spelt without spaces and cannot include symbols or punctuation.

Hashtags differ by location. You can either use global tags or local tags, depending on your business strategy. Here is an example:

If I want to promote my business locally, I would use a hashtag like #UKRealEstate or #RealEstateUK.

If I am going for a global approach, then my tag would just be – #RealEstate.

Start with the basics. Add a hashtag for your location, your company’s name, and some relevant words. Play around with these. Just used your country’s name as a hashtag before? Try adding a hashtag with the name of your city or with the name of the area you are in. Think of all the possible words that have to do with your industry and choose the ones that appeal to you the most. Create your own unique hashtag, that would assist in gathering all your posts under one category and ask your partners to use it when they post about you. This way you will be able to easily find those posts when you need them. A tool like Seekmetrics’ hashtag generator can help you find relevant tags to use when you are starting out.

Try to use hashtags that are popular. Usually, this means that a tag should have over 10,000 posts under it. Some platforms, like Instagram, for example, even provide you with a list of the most popular related hashtags to choose from. As the goal is to spread your reach, the more popular a tag is the more people view it. Find influencers and competitors and check which hashtags they are using or use an online tool to analyse which tag is trending in real time. Here are the most popular tools marketing specialists use:

  • RiteTag – provides hashtag suggestions and shows which ones are trending
  • Hashtagify.me – allows you to search which tags are trending at the moment
  • Twitonomy – a tag tool specifically designed for Twitter

Using hashtags is easier then it may seem. All it requires is the knowledge of your audience and a clear understanding of what your business is about. With experience, you will quickly learn which tags are working and which aren’t as successful. After you establish the tags that work best for you, form a list to simply copy paste into your future posts. Just remember to update it according to what’s trending.


Here are a few popular basic tags that you can use to promote your Real Estate company:

  1. #Realestate
  2. #Realtor
  3. #Realestateagent
  4. #Homeforsale
  5. #Newhome
  6. #Househunting
  7. #Newhouse
  8. #Forsale
  9. #Property
  10. #Properties
  11. #realestatetips
  12. #realestatenews
  13. #realestateexpert
  14. #realestateagency
  15. #realestateadvice
  16. #realestatemarket
  17. #realestatesales
  18. #realestateinvestor
  19. #realestateinvesting



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