What marketing trends should Real Estate companies follow in 2019

With the digital and mobile world evolving rapidly, Real Estate companies can no longer depend on traditional marketing techniques. To be successful they need to focus on keeping up to date with all new trends and updates available to the market. However, it is key to remember that while experimenting with technology, keeping a human touch is essential.


One of the first, important steps to a successful marketing strategy is using tools to automate your marketing processes. This will help you save time, achieve more, stay focused and eventually close more deals. Whether you are having issues with time management or are simply getting buried by a huge amount of marketing materials that you have to prepare, a good automation tool is the answer. A great example of a tool like that is a Real Estate CRM such as Qobrix. It provides the user with an opportunity to create property marketing brochures in mere seconds, generate multiple branded websites controlled from a single platform, and send out personalised videos to customers.

Build trust through your content

More and more Real Estate clients are looking for personalisation. They want to read information that applies to them and the area they live in. Preparing different materials and campaigns for different communities and area sectors will help to answer to a specific client need. Give tips on what is going on in the client’s neighbourhood, add information on bus stops and timetables, kindergarten and school locations, show statistics that apply to that area, etc. Make your marketing campaigns about people and not about you. When potential clients see that you care for them, they will trust you more.

Visualise your content

According to a book by Timothy Gangwer called “Visual Impact, Visual Teaching”, 90 percent of all data that the brain processes is visual. It is also a proven fact that more than half of people are visual learners and visual content is processed 60,000 times faster by the human brain than text. Therefore, visualising your information is a must for marketing. Work on creating cool infographics, spicing things up with modern quality videos or even simply adding professional photos. Up your game by creating VR 360 videos of your properties, doing live home tours on social media or doing live Q&A sessions. Remember to keep all your visual content cohesive to your branding.

Social Media

Social media is everywhere today and if you are not part of the party, then you are missing out on millions of opportunities that could come your way. Creating an online presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube has become a rule for marketing departments all over the world. Purchasing tools that will help you control your social feed will allow you to create focused campaigns and measure their results. You can use online software such as Twitter analytics, Hootsuite or Socialbakers to monitor your posts and the reaction they get, or invest in a CRM that offers built-in social media listening tools and allows you to post and monitor your channel feeds from the platform.

Investing in marketing can make a big difference to a Real Estate business if it is done correctly. Be smart about what you create and plan things ahead. Update your strategy every 6 months to stay on top of trends and base your decisions on the data you measure. Marketing is all about understanding your audience and exceeding their expectations!