Not using a Real Estate CRM? Here’s why you should be.

Nov 26, 2019 | CRM

Having the ability to seamlessly manage your real estate business with minimal wasted time and operational efficiency is significantly more likely when using CRM software. A real estate CRM system can help you centralise multiple business functions, as well as sales and marketing activities, giving you more time to focus on strategic business growth strategies and decisions.

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An innovative real estate CRM can manage and track large volumes of important client data and marketing metrics in real time. This not only enables your sales team to be better organised, but also provides them with valuable insights into existing and prospective clients so that they can establish more targeted channels of communication at all stages of the buyer’s journey, improving lead conversion and increasing sales.

A smart real estate CRM system gives you the ability to generate multiple reports and measure metrics providing you with critical insights into key business functions such as the status of your property listings, the results of marketing activities (allowing you to immediately modify campaigns where necessary), where in the sale’s funnel your customers are at, how your sales force (as a team or by individual) are performing, the efficiency of internal business processes, the effectiveness of your communication strategies, and much more. Access to and proper analysis of this type of live data allows you to stay on top of your real estate business and speeds up your capacity to make informed business decisions, boosting ROI.

If until now you’ve been using several stand-alone systems or manual applications to effectively manage operational, sales and marketing processes and procedures, accurately monitor email or telephone communications or properly juggle multiple calendars – you probably know how painfully slow and disorganised these tasks can be, and usually subject to significant human error. Real estate CRM software can eliminate the unnecessary effort and mistakes that come with manual processes. A CRM system like Qobrix for instance can be integrated with a large number of systems such as a website, your telephony and live chat systems, SMS gateways, mail server, MailChimp, business intelligence, as well as the back-office/ERP systems – becoming the focus point of your organisation.

Properly managing property listings is a significant challenge that comes with running a real estate business. So too are the many documents that are generated because of the nature of the real estate industry. The Qobrix platform enables you to add your properties with all the needed specifications through a user-friendly interface and always be up to date with their status. You can upload media files and brochures per property and sync them directly with your website giving you the opportunity to use Qobrix as a CMS for basic information. Further, whether pdf files, images, videos or custom files, Qobrix can be used for storing and processing documents required by your business as it provides both document management and versioning. The Qobrix API also allows for these files to be accessed by other systems.

Qobrix is probably the most complete real estate CRM System in the market today. From the moment a lead is created, until well into the after-sales lifecycle, the Qobrix CRM System assists with every step in the process. From viewing hot leads, determining the most productive sources, generating specific property brochures, uploading client contracts, or analysing what types of properties are in demand, the Qobrix CRM System delivers effortlessly.

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