Creating Effective Buyer Personas to Boost Sales

Jan 24, 2020

Creating effective buyer personas to boost sales

Most of us would agree that understanding who your customers are is critical to be able to sell to them effectively. Consumers today are bombarded with marketing messages, the majority of which they have learnt to filter out, especially when what they’re being served has no pertinence to the information they seek. To stand a chance of having your message heard – your content seen – means creating buyer (marketing) personas and customer journey maps based on market research and actual data that you can derive from existing customers.

In case you’re still not convinced, check out some interesting stats below:

  • 79% of customers are more loyal to a brand that understands them
  • 57% of consumers are willing to share personal data in exchange for personalized offers or discounts
  • 39% of marketers reported seeing “major uplift” from personalization in search engine marketing (SEM), while just 7% reported no impact
  • Email personalization generates 17% more revenue than the average campaign
  • Using marketing personas made websites 2-5 times more effective and easier to use
  • 3-4 personas typically account for 90% of a company’s sales

Ultimately, a buyer persona provides you with critical insights needed to create relevant content that generates leads, helps your sales team make effective use of their time and resources to close sales, assists you in achieving consistency throughout your organisation and leads to better customer retention.

So, what are the steps one can take to create buyer personas relevant to your industry, your business and your product or service offering?


1. Humanise the persona

By this we mean allocate the persona a name and link that name to an industry. In this way, you begin thinking of the persona as an actual person which turns the interaction into an emotive human experience.


2. Make use of demographics

Making use of all information about your customer will enable you to personalise their persona. For instance, age and education provides you with some insights as to the type of marketing message you need to create that will resonate. Knowing the type of work they do, and their level of seniority helps you better understand their worries and puts you in a more informed position to provide them with content solutions that cater to their pain points.


3. Identify what their job entails

Identify what challenges your persona faces on a day-to-day basis, as well as their daily responsibilities and their short and long-term goals. This information will help you create the type of content that addresses and solves the obstacles they face.


4. Establish commonalities

Investigate the type of tools that your buyer personas use to carry out their tasks and then identify whether any commonalities exist with the product or service that you are offering. In this way, you are better informed to highlight and promote the advantages and benefits of your offering over your competitors.


5. Find out where they consume content

You need to know where your buyer personas are online and how they consume content there. Establish whether they are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc, so you know where to have active presence and what type of content to create for those channels of communication.


An intelligent CRM system like Qobrix provides you with the ability to input and centralise the necessary customer data you need to be able to build buyer personas, segment them into groups where commonalities arise, and serve them content that is pertinent to and will solve their pain points. Schedule a DEMO of our next generation real estate CRM system which was built to capture more opportunities for growth and profitability by focusing on customer acquisition and service.

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