11 Digital Marketing Stats to Know in 2020

Businesses today need a strong online presence, no matter the industry they operate in. It helps you generate leads, build customer engagement and relationships, increase brand awareness and boost your credibility. Not convinced? In this blog, we bring you 11 digital marketing stats that demonstrate why your real estate enterprise requires a digital marketing strategy to strengthen its presence online.

Content Marketing

1. According to SmartInsights, while 76% of marketers use organic traffic as a key metric to measure of content success, the quality of this traffic is not the second metric and instead, 62% said that the number of leads they get is a sign that their content is working. However, as SmartInsights suggests, content that ranks well is not necessarily bringing the right traffic and may not qualify your leads. The quality of the traffic that your content marketing strategy is attracting and the number of visitors actually converting will better evidence the effectiveness of your efforts.

2. Research conducted by SemRush found that marketers’ goals were to generate more quality leads (75%), attract more traffic to their website (71%), improve brand reputation (56%), and improve customer engagement and loyalty (45%). Interestingly, only 17% of survey respondents expected to increase the number of transactions using content marketing.

No matter your objective, implementing a content marketing strategy is key. And to be successful, this strategy will be highly dependent on proper planning, quality content (that is optimised for search), constant evaluation and adapting what you do to meet the demands of your market and the needs of your audience.

Email Marketing

Oberlo research says:

3. For every $1 you spend on emails marketing, you can expect an average return of $42.
4. While the average email open rate is 20.81%, emails with personalized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates.
5. Sending three abandoned cart emails results in 69% more orders than a single email.

MailChimp measured stats across all segmented campaigns and found that segmented campaigns performed notably better than those that were not. In fact:

6. In terms of Clicks, segmented campaigns performed 100.95% higher than non-segmented campaigns. In terms of Opens, segmented campaigns performed 14.31% higher than non-segmented campaigns.

Audience segmentation is vital to be able to personalise email campaigns and reach the right audiences. It enables you to create messages that answer the questions specific audiences are asking, which boosts lead generation and drives up conversion rates.

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Social Media Marketing

SproutSocial uncovered the following digital marketing stats pertinent to social media:

7. Facebook

  • 83% of surveyed consumers use the platform.
  • 66% say they Like or Follow a brand on the platform.
  • By the third quarter of 2019, the platform had attracted 2.5 million monthly active users.

8. Instagram

  • Instagram now has over 1 billion monthly active users–a 42.86% increase from 2017 when it had 700 million.
  • Among these users, 90% follow a business on the platform, suggesting that Instagram users are keen on hearing from and about brands.

9. Twitter

  • 79% of Twitter users like to discover what’s new, making it the top platform for discovery.
  • People are also 26% more likely to view ads on the platform than on any other leading platform.

10. LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn is 277% more effective than Facebook in generating leads.
  • 45% of marketers have also gained customers through the platform.
  • 95% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn for organic content marketing, making it the top-rated social media platform.

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Search Engine traffic

11. SearchEngineLand says that organic search is responsible for 53% of all site traffic, paid 15%. And Backlinko reports that the #1 result in Google has an average of 3.8x more backlinks than positions 2 – 10.


We hope you can draw from these stats the insights you need to make improvements to your digital marketing strategy to help your business grow.

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