Social Media for Real Estate

As far as social media for real estate is concerned, this this Sprout Social article provides some interesting insights:

    • 77% of realtors actively use social media for real estate in some way, shape or form
    • 47% of real estate businesses note that social media results in the highest quality leads versus other sources
    • 99% of millennials (and 90% of baby boomers) begin their home search online (as opposed to in-person referrals)

So how do you make social media work for your real estate business?

Don’t treat each social media platform the same

Facebook is most probably going to be where most of your target audience. Leverage the platform to engage with prospective leads and opportunities. Use Facebook to publish consistent property related content and make use of its ability to book appointments. Monitor for comments and feedback from customers and engage accordingly. Build a community and keep your audience updated with company updates as well as your most recent listings. If you’re looking to target a specific demographic, Facebook Ads are a great way to do this.

In terms of sharing visually stimulating content, Instagram is where your real estate business needs to be. Highlight your listings by sharing high quality property photographs. The platform is renowned for attracting an audience through the aesthetics of the posts. This is no different for real estate businesses who use the channel. Make use of beautiful, high-res visuals combined with engaging copy to attract likes, shares and followers. For real time posts that connect, use the wildly popular Instastories as well. They’re a quick and easy way to share moments and advertise your brand in a way that feels more authentic.

There are currently 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram worldwide. Of those, 500 million accounts watch Instagram stories daily.

From a networking perspective, LinkedIn is a great option. Set up a company page and publish content regularly. Establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry by sharing insights on current market trends and consumer behaviours. Use it also to promote your listings.

The takeaway: Social media for real estate works provided your message on each channel resonates with the audience you’re targeting.

Post diverse content

There are many different ways to engage your audience in a way that is overtly salesy. This includes:

  • Real estate updates and news to keep your customers, opportunities or leads in the loop as to what is going on in the industry.
  • Customer testimonials as Wyzowl says:
      1. To build trust and credibility
      2.  Provide social proof
      3. Show how a brand’s problems/pain points can be solved
      4. To humanise your brand
      5. For increasing conversions
  • New listings and property highlights – this is the most obvious so that your audience has an accurate understanding of your entire real estate portfolio
  • Tips, tutorials and how-to’s on all things real estate, be this to do with renovation, landscaping, gardening, interior design, budgeting – the choices are infinite

The takeaway: Social media for real estate comes with many benefits, provided you publish the right content on the right channels.

Monitor and respond

Having social media presence is critical but just as important is responding to your audience when they comment on a post, send a DM or mention your brand. This interaction is what creates a connection between your real estate business and the people following your different channels. It’s what builds trust and establishes relationships with people that you want to turn into loyal customers.

Use your CRM to monitor and adapt campaigns

A smart real estate CRM system like Qobrix provides the tools required to manage sales and marketing campaigns. The Qobrix real estate CRM Campaigns module allows you to easily track the source of a lead and attribute it to the particular campaign from which they originate. The module also provides insights into which campaign generates the most leads, enabling you to modify those that are performing badly. You can also generate reports per campaign and share these with your sales and marketing teams so that they know where the leads are coming from and which are converting into opportunities or sales.

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