Grow Your Real Estate Business by Doing These 5 Things

Aug 4, 2020

Grow your Real Estate business by doing these 5 things

There are many ways to grow your real estate business. In today’s blog we bring you 5 activities to try.


1. Clean up your contacts

Your real estate CRM system stores some of the most crucial data your business needs to operate effectively. Your Contacts are some of the most important. But to be able to use this information to your benefit, it needs to be properly managed. In our recent blog, “The trillion dollar cost of poor quality data”, we learned that the yearly cost of poor quality data in the US alone was $3.1 trillion. And what reduces the quality is a lack of completeness, accuracy, relevance and consistency of the data.

The takeaway: take the time to update your Contact data so that it’s complete, accurate, relevant and consistent. This is so your sales team can focus on other critical activities like converting leads and making sales.


2. Get active on Social Media

It has been reported that 47% of real estate businesses note that social media results in the highest quality leads versus other sources. If you fall into the remaining 53% that’s ignoring your business’s social media accounts, it’s time to up your game. And this doesn’t mean simply having the channels active. It requires you spending time to post the content your leads, opportunities and customers want to consume. So what are some of the things that you could be doing to make social media work for your real estate business? Find out in our recent “Social Media for Real Estate” blog. We also suggest you take a read through our article “11 Digital Marketing Stats You Need to Know in 2020”. You’ll quickly gain a better understanding of why you need to leverage Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to gain customers and grow your business.


3. Engage with your leads

If you’re using a smart Real Estate CRM system like Qobrix, you’ll have access to a wealth of information about your leads. With this data, segment them into groups depending where in the buyer journey they’re at. Then consider sending out email campaigns with targeted content that resonates with each group. Learn more about the type of content to create and distribute in our blog “Real Estate Email Marketing Ideas”.


4. Improve your website

Review your website and identify areas for improvement. Is it easy to use and simple to navigate? You don’t want visitors to the site having a difficult time looking for information which forces them to leave. Is your branding consistent across the site? This includes any graphical elements such as colours, fonts, buttons and straplines. Is the website mobile friendly? Take note, according to Oberlo, “mobile commerce sales are projected to reach $2.91 trillion in 2020 – 25.4 percent more than the $2.32 trillion it registered in 2019”. This means you must ensure that your site works well on all mobile devices, be this smartphones, tablets or laptops. You can find out more on this topic in this article “7 Key features of a Real Estate website to generate leads”.


5. Be responsive

In a recent blog “CRM Tips to Improve Customer Service”, we looked at the extent at which customer experience can impact purchasing decisions. We learnt how much more powerful a positive brand experience is over great advertising. And that 42% of people would pay more for a friendly, welcoming experience.

The takeaway: to grow your business, be responsive to your leads, your opportunities and your customers. Provide the best possible service consistently. If you’re using Qobrix’s Real Estate CRM system, record and monitor comments (be these queries or complaints) that come as a result of customer interactions. Then respond as quickly as possible to resolve any issues.


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