Key sales skills that every sales rep needs

2020 has undoubtedly been an extraordinary year for businesses operating in all industries. Consumerism has been largely impacted by Covid-19 and buying behaviours have changed significantly. So what does this mean for those in sales roles? What are the key sales skills required to meet the challenges of today’s global market?

Being more customer-centric

In a recent blog we discovered 3 interesting statistics about customer service. One is that 73% of all people base their purchasing decisions largely on their consumer experience. Second is that 42% would pay more for a friendly, sincere experience. And third is that 65% are more influenced by a positive brand experience than good advertising. So how you engage with customers clearly influences business success. This requires sales teams becoming more customer-centric. They need to understand the needs of their clients to help them overcome their challenges or problems. It’s a move away from pushy selling tactics in favour of establishing meaningful relationships with your customers. The focus should be on what your client wants rather than you telling them what you think they should buy.

Speaking in a way that your customers understand

Key sales skills include effective use of language. Industry jargon can be a massive deterrent for a potential customer if they don’t understand what you mean. So you need to change how you communicate with clients to engage more successfully. Speak their language to sell better and explain the benefits of your offering in a way that’s simple to grasp. How you speak with co-workers is not how you should liaise with clients. Customers don’t want complicated.

Knowing how to use a smart CRM system

CRM software with smart functionalities and features can have a big impact on maximising lead generation and conversion, nurturing customer relationships, accessing intelligent business insights, and boosting sales. This is why it’s important for sales professionals, particularly in the real estate sector, to know how to use a CRM system properly. A CRM like Qobrix for instance centralises information on leads, properties and deals. This makes it easier to manage and quicker to access, without the need for multiple external files or apps. Centralised data on contacts also simplifies the process of segmenting people into groups based on where they are in the sales pipeline. This allows you to target those groups with sales and marketing messages that resonate.

The ability to multi-task

Sales professionals today need to be able juggle several tasks and show adaptability in any given situation. Keeping an open-mind and being flexible in solving problems is key. The ability to meet deadlines and respond to customer queries calmly and timeously is also important. Effective use of time while managing customer interactions, closing deals, and fulfilling organisational processes and procedures is crucial. These are all key sales skills.

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