Top CRM trends in 2020

A great CRM system is one that will help your sales team maximize lead generation and conversion, manage customer relationships, and boost sales. It should also offer marketing automation tools, intelligent business insights and 3rd party integrations. Let’s look at the top CRM trends in 2020 in more detail below:

Top 4 CRM Trends for 2020


A user-friendly CRM is key because if it’s too complicated for your sales team to use, it won’t be effective. Ensure that your employees know how to navigate the system and understand how it will benefit them. Provide training so that they’re properly onboard and be empathetic towards those that need time to feel confident using it.

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Industry specific

As far as top CRM trends in 2020 go, this one is critical. It’s all about the features and functionalities that the CRM offers your industry. A generic CRM typically comes with limitations being it hasn’t been designed for a particular sector. As a result, you stand the risk of not having the functionalities that serve your business needs. The Qobrix Real Estate CRM system has been built specifically for real estate agencies and property developers. With it, maximize lead generation and conversion, nurture customer and partner relationships, access intelligent business insights, and boost sales. Also benefit from advanced real estate tools to manage your property listings, generate marketing collateral, etc.

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3rd party integrations with other systems to help the sales and marketing team do their job more effectively is important. Choose a CRM platform that integrates with systems like MailChimp; ERP, telephony or live chat systems; business intelligence, etc. With Qobrix’s Real Estate CRM, benefit from integrations with popular MLS and real estate portals like Zoopla, Zillow and RightMove.

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Mobile responsive

Mobile responsiveness is a popular CRM trend for 2020. Sales reps today are typically mobile so access to a CRM that works properly on any device, any browser and anywhere is critical. Use a CRM through which you can access any client information, no matter where you are. The Qobrix Real Estate CRM system for instance offers quick and easy access to multiple features that will enhance team performance, strengthen customer interactions and engagement, streamline workflows and improve sales.

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