What is SaaS and how can it benefit your business?

SaaS systems have become popular. But what are SaaS applications and why the increase in demand?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is the move away from standard software installation in a bricks and mortar location, where you are required to build the server and install and configure the application. Applications instead reside on the Cloud and are accessible through the web or an API. [IBM]

SaaS systems for selling products and services are now commonplace as more people move their businesses from physical locations to the Cloud.

In fact, according to softwareadvice.com, “the cloud-based model is so common now that more than 60% of software seekers who call Software Advice only want web-based products—less than 2% specifically ask for on-premise software“.

There are several benefits for your business that come with using a SaaS system:

  • It’s easy to access
  • All you need is reliable internet connection and a browser
  • Increased data security
  • Scalability

But these are just some of the benefits of a SaaS system.

There are other significant advantages to adopting SaaS that will help your business grow.  Let’s look at some of these in more detail and expand on those listed above.

1. Cost effective

Since SaaS resides in the Cloud, no cost for hardware installation or traditional licensing is incurred.

SaaS systems are usually subscription based with flexible plans. You often have the option to choose a plan that is customized to the specific requirements of your enterprise.

This saves you on budget and on modules or features you don’t want or need.

2. Simple to implement

All that’s required for a SaaS system to work is stable internet connection and a web browser.

Being Cloud base, it can typically be accessed off any mobile device. This makes SaaS very convenient with mobility and remote working becoming the norm.

SaaS products are also usually easy to use with different trainings offered by the SaaS provider. This includes,

  • video tutorials
  • in-person training
  • webinars, etc.

3. Fast onboarding

SaaS systems don’t require traditional hardware or installation. They’re usually ready to use immediately once you’re online. As a result,

  • In-house IT expertise is eliminated
  • You save on time
  • Deployment is painless
  • Workflow isn’t hindered

4. Quick access to data

All files and data can be centralised in one location and retrieved by any authorised user.

This streamlines workflows as team members can now obtain information they need anytime and anywhere, internet permitting.

Being able to access data wherever they are gives your sales team the flexibility to hit the road running. This improves efficiencies and likely to boost productivity too.

5. Fast business insights

Intelligent data reporting and smart tools for quick business insights are common SaaS system features.

The technology usually offers the ability to generate essential financial, sales and marketing reports in real-time.

Depending on your subscription plan or SaaS system, key metrics can often be presented in a way most suited to your needs, for e.g.

  • pie charts
  • line graphs,
  • funnel presentations
  • bar charts

This allows you to see where your business is at and what changes need to be implemented at any given moment.

6. Scalability

You want a solution that can grow as your business expands and SaaS is typically scalable to accommodate evolving needs.

Most SaaS vendors give you the option to:

  • Up your number of users
  • Acquire additional modules or tools based on the growing requirements of your business
  • Increase data storage
  • Entirely customise your SaaS plan

While this usually comes at a cost (variable depending on what you need), it removes the fear of needing an entirely new system.

7. Ongoing data security and feature updates

SaaS providers routinely implement security updates to keep customer data safe. This means you don’t have to worry about checking that your data is secure.

Further, to make for an ongoing high-quality user experience, the software is frequently updated to remove bugs, add features, enhance usability, etc.

SaaS for Real Estate

There are many off-the-shelf generic SaaS systems available today but few built specifically for the real estate sector.

Qobrix is an innovative real estate SaaS platform that has been designed for property developers and real estate agents/brokers.

Qobrix is comprised of:

  • A powerful, multi-tiered real estate CRM system
  • Advanced Client and Agent portals
  • A unique, bulk website generator

Qobrix is distinct in its ability to assist real estate enterprises and professionals

The platform offers cutting edge technology and the critical tools to help you:

Qobrix currently offers 3 subscription plans, Essentials, Professional and Enterprise, to meet the needs of most property developers and real estate companies.

Read more about Qobrix here and discover more about the platform, its countless features and functionalities, and the user experience it offers.

Qobrix Real Estate CRM

The Qobrix real estate CRM system is a dynamic product that offers many features and functionalities that will help a real estate business grow. Some of these include:

In conclusion, a SaaS system can have a significant impact on your real estate business. It comes with countless advantages we’re sure you’ve come to understand in this blog.

Start your 15-day Free Trial of Qobrix’s real estate platform today. Test the software and get a feel for how the system can help elevate your business. Learn how you can benefit from a selection of advanced tools, modules and features built for the real estate industry.