Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Facebook marketing for real estate agents is a critical tool for reaching customers, generating leads, amplifying property listings, and building your business.

With more than 2 billion people using it monthly, Facebook remains the biggest social media platform worldwide. These stats by Oberlo and Sprout Social offer several interesting insights about how the platform is used:

  • More than 200 million small businesses around the world use Facebook tools.
  • 65% of Facebook users are under the age of 35.
  • 98.3 percent of Facebook users access the social media platform via their mobile devices.
  • Users spend an average of 19.5 hours on the social media app each month
  • 86% of internet users with $100k+ income use Facebook
  • 57% of U.S. social media users use Facebook to share content
  • Two-thirds of Facebook users visit a local business page weekly
  • Facebook has the most ads & highest CTR

So how should Facebook marketing for real estate agents be implemented? This is what we’ll look at in today’s blog.

Table of Contents

1. Make use of a variety of posts
2. Create content to increase engagement
3. Make use of trending hashtags
4. Responding to comments

1. Make use of a variety of posts

There are several types of Facebook posts which include:

  • Text post: this is your straight up wordy type of post, usually direct and to the point, and great for sparking a conversation. A text post often asks a question or calls for feedback. It’s also used to share information.
  • Photo post: great for real estate businesses looking to promote property listings. This post includes a high-quality photograph/s to catch the attention of a prospect scrolling through their news feed.
  • Video post: people love videos, so much so that there’s an entire Watch section on Facebook. Video content is varied, from informational, to educational, to pure entertainment.
  • Stories: Facebook stories are a great way of getting personal with your audience. For real estate professionals, stories help you to connect with prospects in a way that’s personal, humanising the interaction.

2. Create content to increase engagement

For your Facebook marketing strategy to be effective, you must create content that people will enjoy. This will help increase your reach and boost interaction with your page. So, what type of content should your real estate business be producing? Here are just a few ideas:


Photographs offer a great way to bring your property listings to life and attract new clients. In fact, according to this article, Facebook statuses with images had 53% more likes and 104% more comments than statuses that were text only. More than this, viewing photos is Facebook users’ most common activity on the platform. Stands to reason then that top photographs of your properties will be an effective way to connect with potential homebuyers and generate leads.

Behind the scenes

Humanise your brand with posts that give your audience a true sense of who you and your employees are. There are many ways of doing this. Take your audience along on a day in the life of a real estate professional through Facebook stories. Film videos that introduce your employees in a way that’s super natural and doesn’t come off as rehearsed. Add a comedic touch with blooper reels that show off your company’s human side. Post about company updates or your latest news.

Industry tips

Create posts that offer useful and valuable information to homebuyers. This could be:

  • real estate tips for someone buying or selling a home
  • interior design tips
  • renovation how-to’s
  • DIY tips
  • neighbourhood guides
  • budget guides

Featured property

Publish posts that feature a specific property or two of the week. This provides you with the opportunity to highlight different properties and draw attention to significant features. Leverage these posts to divert traffic back to your real estate website as well, so you can showcase your entire property portfolio.


Another great way to build traffic on your real estate website is by incorporating blogging in your Facebook marketing strategy. There are a variety of topics you could write about that would appeal to propspective homebuyers. Publish a link to the blog on your Facebook page, compelling visitors to click and read. Once you’ve got people on your website, getting them to view your property listings as well becomes a little bit easier. Blogs are also a great way to gain the trust of potential customers as they tend to provide information that addresses potential pain points or challenges.

Once you know the type of content you want to share with your audience, explore what hashtags to use in the Facebook posts. “Facebook hashtags are a nice touch from a search perspective”, says Sprout Social, “allowing you to get more eyes on your brand’s posts. Considering that Facebook handles billions of searches per day, categorizing your content for search just plain makes sense. Likewise, hashtags can help highlight specific campaigns or posts your followers might be interested in.”

So, what are the best real estate hashtags for 2021? These are broken up into categories below depending on the goal of the post and its target audience, courtesy of rentspree.com:

20 Best Real Estate Hashtags for Listings

1. #home
2. #property
3. #forsale
4. #forrent
5. #realestateagent
6. #newhome
7. #dreamhome
8. #househunting
9. #apartmenthunting
10. #sold
11. #homesforsale
12. #justlisted
13. #renovated
14. #curbappeal
15. #midcenturymodern
16. #victorian
17. #edwardian
18. #turnofthecentury
19. #shiplap
20. #petfriendly

20 General-Use Hashtags for Real Estate

1. #realestate
2. #realtor
3. #realestateagent
4. #realtorlife
5. #investment
6. #interiordesign
7. #architecture
8. #broker
9. #realestateinvestor
10. #FSBO
11. #makememove
12. #mansion
13. #foreclosure
14. #fixandflip
15. #homesweethome
16. #luxuryrealestate
17. #luxuryhomes
18. #properties
19. #firsttimehomebuyer
20. #openhouse

15 Top Real Estate Hashtags to Highlight Neighborhoods

1. #neighborhood
2. #lovewhereyoulive
3. #localmusic
4. #loveyourneighborhood
5. #neighborsandfriends
6. #community
7. #downtown
8. #uptown
9. #suburbs
10. #beachlife
11. #walkable
12. #”neighborhood” + realestate
13. #”neighborhood” + home”
14. #”neighborhood” + apartment”
15. #”neighborhood + realtor”

10 Best Hashtags for Real Estate Humor

1. #thedailyhometip
2. #theweeklyhometip
3. #freewine
4. #freecookies
5. #freesnacks
6. #felinefriendly
7. #poochfriendly
8. #justrealtorthings
9. #riseandgrind
10. #realestatehumor

10 Real Estate Hashtags for COVID-19

1. #socialdistancing
2. #remotework
3. #remoteopenhouse
4. #virtualtour
5. #stayhome
6. #staysafe
7. #quarantine
8. #qurantinelife
9. #covid
10. #covid-19safe
11. #coronavirus
12. #inthistogether

4. Responding to comments

Posting content on Facebook is not enough. Your Facebook marketing strategy must include social listening and conversation. Engaging in conversation with your audience is key, be this through the comments they leave or the queries the posts generate. As with all forms of marketing, it’s not enough to merely publish a post. Once that post is live, you need to get ready to be responsive.

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