QobrixScan is the Essential Business Card Scanner

A business card scanner designed specifically for the fast-paced world of real estate, QobrixScan offers an essential solution for effective contact management. In the real estate industry, customer acquisition, retention, and business opportunities heavily rely on maintaining accurate and up-to-date contact details. The Contacts & Organizations module, a crucial tool within your real estate CRM, records the essential information of individuals and organizations you interact with.

Simplify contact management with our business card scanner

QobrixScan, the ultimate business card scanner designed specifically for Qobrix Real Estate CRM, seamlessly integrates with the Contacts & Organizations module. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to streamlined contact management. QobrixScan is an accurate AI-powered scanner designed to simplify and streamline your contact management process.

Effortless scanning and organization with QobrixScan

QobrixScan simplifies the process of capturing and organizing your real estate contacts. With its exceptional scanning accuracy in over 30 languages, you can effortlessly capture business card details with precision. Just snap a photo of the card, and QobrixScan takes care of the rest.

Seamless integration and collaboration

QobrixScan seamlessly integrates with your Qobrix Real Estate CRM, including the Contacts & Organizations module. Link your scanned contacts to corresponding leads, clients, agents, and other relational data, creating a centralized and comprehensive view of your contacts. Easily search and filter contacts alphabetically, by location, or using your preferred criteria. Customize the way you view and access your contacts, tailoring it to your specific workflow. Collaborate effortlessly by sharing scanned cards with your colleagues or assistants, ensuring everyone stays connected and up-to-date.

Unlock the potential of effortless contact management

Take control of your real estate contacts and unleash their potential for growth. With QobrixScan integrated into your Qobrix Real Estate CRM, you can focus on building valuable relationships and seizing new opportunities in the industry. Save time, enhance accuracy, and supercharge your workflow with QobrixScan and Qobrix Real Estate CRM.

Don’t let manual data entry slow you down. Embrace the future of effortless contact management with QobrixScan and Qobrix Real Estate CRM. See our Business Card Scanner in action here!