The Client Portal Revolutionizes After-Sales for Property Developers

Qobrix, a leading provider of real estate technology solutions, is transforming the after-sales service experience for property developers through its innovative Client Portal. This groundbreaking platform offers property buyers a transparent and interactive interface to track the progress of their construction projects and access important documentation, streamlining communication and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Bringing transparency to the property buying journey with the Client Portal

Traditionally, property buyers have faced limited visibility into construction progress and struggled to access crucial project documents. Qobrix’s Client Portal changes this dynamic by providing comprehensive features that deliver transparency and convenience throughout the property buying journey.

Real-time construction progress updates

The Qobrix Client Portal enables buyers to monitor the construction progress of their properties in real-time. With detailed information such as progress photos, floorplans, elevations, and other project-related documents readily available, buyers can stay informed and engaged during the construction process. This transparency fosters trust and confidence, ensuring a positive customer experience.

Effortless issue reporting

Clients can effortlessly log any property issues via the Jobs module within the Client Portal. Qobrix’s user-friendly interface allows clients to easily track progress on reported issues, view scheduled repair dates, and identify assigned contractors, facilitating efficient communication and resolution.

Seamless payment management for property developers

Buyers can stay updated on their payment milestones through the Client Portal. Tracking payment schedules, viewing invoices and receipts, and receiving reminders for upcoming payments become effortless tasks. The system also generates notifications to keep clients informed throughout the process.

Expressing his excitement about the Qobrix Client Portal, Anthony Nathanael, CEO of Qobrix, shared his vision for the impact it will have on the real estate industry. “The Client Portal is a game-changer,” he stated. “It provides developers with a powerful tool to enhance communication, transparency, and overall customer satisfaction. We are proud to offer this innovative solution that transforms the after-sales experience for property buyers.”

Qobrix – Pioneers in real estate technology solutions

Qobrix remains committed to continuously enhancing the Client Portal’s capabilities and expanding its features to meet the evolving needs of property developers and their clients. The company’s dedication to providing cutting-edge technology solutions has established them as a trusted partner in the real estate industry.

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