Customized Solutions For Real Estate Companies Worldwide

In the rapidly evolving real estate landscape, innovative customized solutions are key to staying ahead of the competition. That’s where Qobrix comes in, offering diverse clients worldwide the power of customized solutions to elevate their real estate businesses. From bustling US cities to serene Montenegro shores, Qobrix’s versatile CRM system and website integration are the go-to choice for top producers. In this blog, we’ll explore how Qobrix transforms real estate operations globally and why you should consider a free demo to enhance your business.

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United States – Wardworth Realty

Wardworth Realty, a reputable US real estate firm, sought an all-in-one solution for seamless listing and client management. Qobrix delivered with a comprehensive CRM system and an eye-catching website. This equipped them with tools to efficiently capture leads through integrated forms, nurture relationships, and showcase their diverse property portfolio. Qobrix’s integration with MLSOK allowed direct access to multiple listing services within their CRM, streamlining updates and management. As a result, agents experienced increased efficiency and productivity. With Qobrix’s support, Wardworth Realty expanded their reach, cultivating a loyal customer base and maintaining their top producer status in the US real estate industry.

United Kingdom – Rothmore Property

Rothmore Property, a prominent UK-based real estate agency, identified the need for a robust CRM platform to streamline operations and elevate customer experiences. Qobrix answered the call, offering a customized CRM system integrated with essential tools to enhance their real estate website. Integration with the Locrating plugin empowered users to explore specific property locations and surrounding areas, providing valuable insights. Additionally, the incorporation of a mortgage calculator enabled users to access up-to-date financial information easily. By working with Qobrix, Rothmore Property efficiently manages listings, engages clients, and strengthens their online presence, solidifying their position in the competitive UK real estate market.

Montenegro – Second Home Montenegro

Second Home Montenegro, a premier real estate agency in Montenegro, sought a customized solution for their upscale clientele. Qobrix delivered a tailor-made CRM system and an elegant website, exuding luxury and sophistication. With Qobrix’s support, they implemented Advanced Search Fields, allowing users to quickly filter their property search. Additionally, the incorporation of a Wishlist feature enables users to track their favorite properties. As a result, Second Home Montenegro efficiently manages exclusive property listings. Furthermore, they deliver personalized customer experiences. This solidifies their position as a leading player in the thriving Montenegrin real estate market.

Greece – Lavish Estate

Lavish Estate, a boutique real estate agency based in Greece, desired a solution that would align with their brand’s identity. Additionally, they required seamless management of their property listings. Qobrix crafted a bespoke CRM system, complete with a captivating website that reflects the elegance of Greek architecture and hospitality. Lavish Estate continues to attract discerning clients, and their reputation for excellence flourishes in the Greek real estate sector.

UAE – Mayfair Property Group

Mayfair Property Group, a prominent real estate firm in the UAE, had a clear vision: streamline operations and elevate client experiences. Qobrix stepped in with its customized CRM system and cutting-edge website, revolutionizing their approach to lead capturing. Now, leads from the website’s contact form are seamlessly integrated with the leads module, automating data synchronization. As a result, Mayfair Property Group can efficiently manage their extensive property portfolio. What’s more, Qobrix’s seamless integration with real estate portals enables them to effortlessly promote listings to a wider audience through local Dubai portals, further expanding their reach and influence in the competitive UAE real estate market.

Cyprus – Landbank Properties

Landbank Properties, a reputable real estate agency in Cyprus, sought a versatile CRM solution to effectively manage their diverse property listings and client interactions. Qobrix provided a tailor-made CRM system alongside a user-friendly website, allowing Landbank Properties to showcase their properties seamlessly and enhance customer satisfaction. With Qobrix, Landbank Properties has become a sought-after name in the Cypriot real estate market.

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Spain – Alierta Inmuebles

Alierta Inmuebles, a progressive real estate agency based in Spain, aspired to modernize their operations and stand out in the competitive Spanish real estate landscape. Qobrix designed a customized CRM system paired with a visually captivating website, aligning with Alierta Inmuebles’ branding and providing a user-friendly experience. With Qobrix’s assistance, Alierta Inmuebles continues to excel in the Spanish real estate market, attracting clients and expanding their reach.

Barbados – Inspired by the Caribbean

Inspired by the Caribbean, a reputable real estate agency based in Barbados, sought a personalized CRM solution to cater to their discerning clientele. They were in search of exquisite Caribbean properties. Qobrix delivered a bespoke CRM system, complemented by a visually stunning website that captures the allure of the Caribbean. Now, Inspired by the Caribbean effortlessly manages their unique property portfolio. Additionally, properties are seamlessly published from the CRM directly to the website, showcasing all essential property specifications in detail. Moreover, the website was customized in a way that inspires potential homebuyers and tenants to connect with the company’s founders. Ease of use and quick, intuitive navigation were essential and have been successfully implemented across the site. As a result, Inspired by the Caribbean continues to make waves in the Barbadian real estate scene.

Philippines – Property Plus

Property Plus, a prominent real estate agency based in the Philippines, sought a powerful CRM solution to cater to their growing clientele. Additionally, delivering exceptional customer service was a top priority. Qobrix delivered a customized CRM system and an engaging website. This enabled Property Plus to effectively manage their extensive property listings and provide personalized experiences to their clients. With Qobrix’s assistance, Property Plus continues to thrive in the bustling Philippine real estate sector.


The success stories of Qobrix’s diverse clientele around the world exemplify the power of customized solutions in the real estate industry. From the UK to the USA, real estate professionals have harnessed the versatility of Qobrix’s CRM and website integration to streamline their operations, attract clients, and enhance their brand presence. To see how Qobrix can transform your real estate business, get in touch for a free demo. Embrace the diversity of Qobrix customized solutions and unlock your real estate business’s full potential in the global market.

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