The Qobrix Platform has been developed by Qobo. We are a Software House that specialises in business process management and bespoke software development that caters exactly to a client’s needs. The reason we developed the Qobrix platform was that we wanted to build systems that work around your processes.

Most popular systems come with off-the-shelf functionality but Enterprises typically remove most of the functionality of these off-the-shelf systems to accommodate their processes. The result is that you’re working for the system rather than the system working for you.

With Qobrix our approach is completely different. We build our product around your processes in rapid time. The system does what you want without excess code and excess customisation. And we make sure your product is integrated with all your other platforms so that you have all pertinent data at your fingertips.

We are always available at the click of a button and we’ll respond to your enquiry very quickly, so do get in touch if you’d like to hear more about this exciting platform!