Residence in Greece

The Residence in Greece website combines beautiful photographs in a simple, clean design with a focus on the colors that make Greece famous. Blues and white combine effortlessly to create a harmonious website that is easy to navigate and directs the viewer in an intuitive way, serving to enhance the user experience and prompt visitors to continue browsing.


Residence in Greece



Residence in Greece real estate website case study

The Client

Offering bespoke services for property investment including property research, negotiation, legal and due diligence processes, property renovation and property management, Residence in Greece pride themselves as being a full-service real estate company offering customers a truly holistic real estate experience. With 25 years of experience in Greek real estate and development, their carefully curated portfolio of more than 1,000 Greek properties, positions them as the preferred agency for investors living in Greece and beyond.

Residence in Greece property in Santorini
Residence in Greece property listings
Residence in Greece properties for sale & rent

The Challenge

Residence in Greece wanted a website that showcased their vast portfolio of properties while defining the spirit of Greece. A CRM system that seamlessly manages listings in a user -friendly way was imperative. Capturing leads via the newsletter was requested to streamline operations and manage their customers in a more effective. Implementing the Qobrix CRM would allow for seamless integration with Spitogatos to easily promote property to a wider audience in Greece. Additionally, the Golden Visa scheme and the latest news would feature prominently on the homepage aiming to position them as experts in not just real estate, but also in Greece itself.

Residence in Greece website design
Residence in Greece website design
Residence in Greece website design

The Design

The visual aesthetic and choice of photographs was crucial in capturing the essence of Greece. A palette of navy, sea blue, and white was used throughout with small details in the Sans Serif font that expressed a feeling of waves and harmony resulting in a coherent and classically Greek feel. Simple, clean images with white space separating them allow the user to navigate through the website in an ordered and logical way. Properties are displayed in symmetrical blocks and contain clear images with detailed information on them. The search bar has relevant filters allowing for an easy property search while the newsletter is prominently positioned to capture leads directly from the website.

Clearly defined search bar

Enhance user experience with an easy-to-understand search bar

Residence in Greece website - search for properties

CRM customisations


Instantly generate marketing collateral and email the property brochure directly from the CRM.

Lead capturing forms

Integrated CRM with the website newsletter form to extract data shared by visitors on the site

Our Solution

We built the Residence in Greece website in a way that effortlessly displays their property portfolio with carefully curated colors and fonts to reflect the essence of Greece and position the company as a leader in the Greek real estate market. Properties are published from the CRM directly to the website and include detailed property specifications for a seamless user journey. Intuitive filters and search functionalities are implemented across the site to make navigation simple and effective. Using the CRM to generate and send property brochures keeps customers informed while capturing leads directly from the website via the newsletter ensures that all potential customer details remain accessible. Furthermore, integrating the CRM with the Spitogatos real estate portal allows the company to promote their property listings to a wider audience with the push of a button.

Residence in Greece website-property listing
Residence in Greece website design-property listing