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List, search, and share your properties
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Market through new channels
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Powerful features. Simple to use.

From capturing properties, nurturing leads, and following-up on and closing sales, Qobrix real estate software streamlines every step of the process.

Manage property listings in qobrix crm

List, search, and share your properties

  Organise property details, media, and documents
  Email directly and send brochures
  Advanced search filters and views

Manage leads & offers easily

  Directly capture leads from the website
  Plan and execute sales activities
  Manage tasks with daily calendar

Easily manage leads & opportunities
promote property listings to real estate websites and portals

Market through new channels

  Publish directly to your website
  Easily publish to property portals
  Promote through Agent and VIP Portals
  Create landing pages on the fly

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Proud to have received recognition from the following organizations

KPMG’s Real Estate Innovations

UNISSU Top 20 CRM & Star Ranking

Top 10 Proptech Solutions Provider

Finances Online “Rising Star” & “Great UX”

Not just a CRM! Discover the Qobrix ecosystem.

We build beautiful high-converting real estate websites

  Craft visually appealing designs that captivate and engage visitors.
  Utilize conversion-focused elements to maximize lead generation.
  Apply best SEO practices to drive traffic and enhance visibility.
  Seamlessly integrate with CRM for real-time updates and lead management.

Provide you with innovative, private portals for your Leads, Agents and Clients

  Organise listings and leads in the Agent Portal for peak efficiency.
  Give clients transparent access to transactions and documents through the Client Portal.
  Offer your VIP clients exclusive insights and priority support with the VIP Portal

vip portal overview

Build landing pages with a click of a button

  Equip agents with branded, easily managed websites.
  Automatically generate detailed websites for projects.
  Create dedicated websites for standout property promotion.
  Design impactful landing pages with essential marketing tools.

High-quality themes

Publish to the world

  Automatically publish listings to leading property portals for maximum exposure.
  Integrate seamlessly with CRM for consistent, real-time property information updates.
  Leverage strategic placements and SEO to enhance visibility and attract more leads.


  Integrate effortlessly with external systems and tools.
  Customize functionalities to fit unique business needs.
  Expand capabilities with seamless data exchange and updates.

Accelerate Development with Qobrix Real estate API


  Simplify property listing distribution across platforms.
  Ensure consistent, error-free information sharing.
  Enhance visibility and reach with streamlined updates.

Connect to the World
Multiply your Capabilities

Easily integrate with third-party applications

Seamless Integrations

Connect with your favourite tools to help your team work better together or to enhance your marketing capabilities further.

Easily publish to property portals worldwide

Promote your properties by direct connection to property portals around the globe.

real estate crm bulk actions

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