Adding a new property in Qobrix CRM

In this How-to-guide, you will learn how to add a new property in Qobrix Real Estate CRM.

Step 1: Navigate to the Properties module.

Click the blue “Add” button at the top right corner of your screen.

Add new property - Qobrix Real Estate property module

Step 2: Fill in the property information.

Upload a featured photo stored on our device, and set the property’s details (property type, price, status, etc.) using the drop-down list available in each field.

Upload property photo in Qobrix crm
Add property details in Qobrix crm

Upload documents or media stored on your device, using the “+” button in the relevant fields.

Upload property documents and media

Set the location of the property using the Open Street Map tool. Type the city and the country you want to navigate.

Set property location

Drag and drop the pin to the right location and the rest of the information will be filled automatically.

Set property location drag and drop

Click the “Save” button at the top right corner and repeat the process to add more properties in your CRM.