Media import for properties

The import Files function available through Qobrix CRM, allows the user to import media files associated with a property.

These could be:

  • Photos
  • Featured Photos
  • Floor plans
  • Flyers
  • Presentations
  • Letters
  • Energy Certifications

Before you get started…

It is important that your data and formatting is correct to ensure your import is successful. Before you begin importing data to the CRM, make sure to follow our file preparation guide below.

File preparation

The foundation to importing files is the file structure in which the files are stored. This eliminates the need for complicated file name conventions for identification.

For each property, files are stored in a simple file structure, using a property unique identifier as the folder name under the Main Folder.

Main Folder/

├── 0001/

├── floor_plans/

├── photos/

├── featured_photo/

├── presentations/

├── flyers/

├── engagement_letter/

├── energy_efficiency_certificate/

├── 0002/

├── floor_plans/

├── photos/

├── featured_photo/

├── presentations/

├── flyers/

├── engagement_letter/

├── energy_efficiency_certificate/


Within each folder the corresponding documents are stored and ready for import.

Important notes:

Maximum file size allowed for upload: 8MB. Larger files will not upload.

File import

Once the files have been prepared and saved into the correct folders, updating files through the import function of Qobrix CRM is simple. You can access the import function of each module by going to:

<system domain> /properties/import-files

For example: properties/import-files

Or log into your Qobrix CRM and select “Import Files” through the “properties” module view page.

Qobrix import files
Qobrix import files for properties - choose file

Step 1: Select the property unique identifier

The system allows the user to choose a unique identifier used during import or the “Property Unique ID” generated by the system during the creation of the property.

Qobrix import files for properties - choose unique id

Step 2. Select the Mail folder

Through the “Browse” button you can search for the folder structure containing the content for uploading:

Qobrix import files for properties - choose mail folder
Qobrix import files for properties - select folder structure

Select the folder structure containing the content and select “Upload”

An action verification notice will appear confirming your actions

Qobrix import files for properties - action confirmation

Step 3. Upload confirmation notice

A confirmation notice will appear in the system, confirming that your files were imported successfully.

Qobrix import files for properties - import confirmation