Matching a property to leads

Add a property to your CRM and immediately view all leads with matching specifications.

Step 1:  First navigate to the Properties module on the left hand side of your CRM screen.

Properties module Qobrix CRM

Step 2: Move your cursor to the top right and click the ADD button

Add new property in Qobrix CRM

Step 3:  A new screen will appear with several fields that must be completed, like property name, short description, and a larger box for the main description.

Upload property documents and media

Step 4: Scroll down and continue to add other important property information that a potential homebuyer is likely to want.

Adding more property specifications in Qobrix CRM

Step 5: Once all fields have been completed, click save.

Save a new property in Qobrix CRM

Step 6: A list of all matching leads will automatically appear at the bottom of the property profile.

View matching leads for new property in Qobrix CRM

You can also check out our quick video tutorial on how to view matching leads for a new property listing.