Running a Quick Search in properties using quick filters

Quick filters are extremely helpful in assisting agents find information through the CRM and save valuable time. In this scenario we see how you can use the quick filters to run a quick search in properties and send that property to a lead.

Step 1: Navigate to the Properties module.

Use the filter fields at the top of your screen to view properties that match the search criteria indicated.

Quick filters in property module

Step 2: Use the quick filter

Properties can be filtered, based on the number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, their price, and the type of property. It is not mandatory to set a value in each filter.

Use the quick filters in Qobrix crm

Step 3: Send property to client

Once you’ve found the property you were searching for, you can send it to your client via the CRM.

Do this by clicking the Bulk Actions button and select the email option.

Email property to lead

Step 4: Send email with brochure links or featured photo

Decide if you want to send an email with brochure links or with featured photos.

Choose the client you want to send the property to, type the subject, and click send.

Email property with link or photo

You have successfully used quick filters to find and send a property to a client.