Development Process

In order to make the rest of the Developer Guides easier to understand, we first look at Qobrix development process.  This section explains some of the conventions, tools, practices and processes we use for the development and maintenance of the Qobrix platform, and Qobrix-based applications.

As a software developer, you probably have your own strong opinions on how things should be done.  That’s fine with us.  All we are trying to do here is show what we are using and what works for us.  You are free to follow your own lead.  But if you adopt our tools and processes, you’ll have a better experience building on top of Qobrix.

Software development industry offers a lot of choice when it comes to the tools, configurations, and practices.  In these pages we try to stick to the basics. We try to explain the concepts and general philosophy.  We show examples with basic command-line tools.  These make copy-pasting, modifying, inspecting and comparing much easier.  Feel free to adjust to your preferred development environment.