Version Releases

As we mentioned before, writing code is only a small part of the development process.  Somebody needs to test, review, and merge the code that you wrote into the master branch of the project.  Now is the time to release it.  Since we develop Qobrix at a very fast pace, we made sure that releasing new versions is a quick and easy process.  Technically, a new version release is just a new git tag.  It takes only a few seconds to create one.  We spend most of the time writing up the changes in the release notes.

We publish the Release Notes for the Qobrix platform in our Knowledge Base.  Release notes for the CakePHP plugins and other Open Source components go to the related GitHub repositories.  The process is so simple that we can release multiple versions of any component or the whole Qobrix platform multiple times a day.  Or an hour, if we have to.

In essence, here are the steps you need to take for new version releases:

  1. Decide on the new version number, based on the semantic versioning convention.
  2. Communicate your intent to the rest of the project team.  “I am about to tag vX.Y.Z of the ABC project” is sufficient enough.  Give people a few minutes to respond.  This should provide people with opportunity to include something else in the release. Or disagrees with you on the version significance.
  3. Tag the new version.  The command you need is git tag vX.Y.Z .  Usually, you’ll tag a new version of the master branch, but there are sometimes exceptions (quick fixes, release previews, etc.)
  4. Push the new version to remote repository.  The command to do so is git push origin vX.Y.Z .
  5. Publish the release notes.
  6. Notify the rest of the project team of the new version.  “I’ve tagged vX.Y.Z of the ABC project.  Release notes are here: http://…” is good enough.