v1.0.0 – Initial Release


Welcome to the first official release of Qobrix v1.0.0. Here at Qobo, we’ve put a lot of effort into this project for the last few month.  It has changed a few working titles. There were multiple proof-of-concept implementation, changes, discussions, and even arguments. The project became stable and useful enough to use in production environments and client implementations.  The initial feature set stabilized the user interface started to make sense.  But as much work as we put into this release, we know that there is much more to come, so stay tuned for the future releases.  Happy birthday, Qobrix!

Here is an overview of some high-level features included in this first version.


Modern Web Application

Qobrix v1.0.0 is a modern web application, built with all the best practices and tools.  It is fast, stable, secure, and responsive.  Users can work with Qobrix via any web-enabled devices, be that desktop, tablet, or a mobile phone.  Administrators can manage the system via the same web interface.  Developers will find the setup and organization of the code and features familiar, easy to test, customize and extend.


Qobrix v1.0.0 brings generic CRM functionality out of the box.  Users will find the familiar modules, used in other CRM systems – Contacts, Leads, Accounts, and Documents.  Notes module allows users to attach private and public notes to any record in the system.  Modules support a variety of relationships between each other.  Both Basic Search and Advanced Search is available, providing a quick and easy way to find data in the system.  Advanced Searches can be saved and reused later.  Dashboards provide an even faster access to the previously saved searches and results.

Administration and Development

Administrators of the system can create unlimited number of users and groups.  A flexible permission system allows flexible access control to modules and functions.

Developers will find that a lot of the functionality and setup of the system does not require any programming at all – just a simple adjustment to some configuration files.  For easy integration of Qobrix with third-party systems, a REST/JSON API is available, which covers most of the system functionality.  All changes to the system – configuration, code, database schema – undergo version control, code review, automated and manual testing, and more, making the release and deploying a quick and safe process.


A picture is worth a thousand words“, they say.  So here are a few screenshots that show some of the Qobrix v1.0.0 functionality in action.