v29.0.0 – GPLv2 to MIT

October 10, 2017


The release of Qobrix v29.0.0 brings the licensing change from GPLv2 to MIT in several underlying components.  There are no functional changes in this release.


Licensing Switch

Qobrix platform is not a single monolithic application.  It relies on a number of external tools and libraries, and is separated into a number of components.  We develop most of these components as Open Source software (have a look at our GitHub profile).  Until now we were using General Public License version 2 (GPLv2) for most of our code.  This allows anybody to use the code in their applications.  But with the “copyleft” clause of the GPL license, applications that use our code have to be open-sourced as well.  Given that we mostly focus on business applications, this is not always a desired approach to the Open Source.

In order to make our code more developer-friendly, and to ease the adoption of the Qobrix components in other applications, we are switching our Open Source projects from the GPLv2 license to the MIT license.

Qobrix v29.0.0 is the first step in this direction.  For now, only our CakePHP plugins and some underlying libraries are changing the license.  Our project templates and the core of the Qobrix platform will remain licensed under the GPLv2 for now.  As any other legal matter, licensing is a complex subject and we are trying to figure out the way to provide the most flexibility to external developers, while still preserve some level of control.

For now, we think that MIT license will be a friendly choice for our CakePHP projects, and it will better match the community expectations, as CakePHP itself is licensed under MIT, as well as many other tools, libraries, and plugins in the CakePHP ecosystem.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this change, please talk to us.

Component Updates