v29.1.0 – Various Improvements

October 12, 2017


The release of Qobrix v29.1.0 brings a variety of improvements to search, security, and other parts of the system.


Search with Empty Values

In this version we continue our work on improving the Advanced Search.  The new bit of functionality that we are releasing today is the Advanced Search with empty values.  One of the common scenarios where this is useful, is when you need to find, for example, Leads which are not assigned to any sales person.  Until today, the only way to do so was to search for all Leads that are not assigned to sales person 1, sales person 2, sales person 3, and so on.  On smaller systems, with just a few choices, this was quite manageable.  But the more choices there were, the more difficult it was to construct the Advanced Search query.  With Qobrix v29.1.0 you can now create an Advanced Search with a single criteria, where Assigned To field is empty.

This of course works on all the other fields as well.  Some other examples would be: search for tasks where due date is not set, or search for leads where next follow up date is not set, or search for products which are missing a category, and so on, and so forth.

API Security

In the last few releases we have beefed up the application security of Qobrix with tighter permission checks and tests of many more configuration scenarios.  In this release we are taking a closer look at the API-level security and proper permissions check.  We have found a couple of issues where things could be better and improved them.

Delete Redirect

One of the recent releases introduced a non-critical, but annoying issue with a 404 error showing up after a delete operation.  This was caused by an incorrect redirect to the deleted record.  The record was not found, obviously, hence the error.  We have fixed the issue with a redirect to the listing page instead.  So if you delete lead 1, you are not redirected to the page to view lead 1, but instead to the list of leads.  This fix affects multiple modules, so you should see much fewer 404 errors now.

Under the Hood

Qobrix v29.1.0 brings some significant changes and improvements under the hood.  This is the first of several upcoming cleanups.  Without getting too technical, the thing we are doing now is simplifying our CakePHP plugins, making them less complex by moving application specific bits into the application level.  This affects functionality of views, menus, access control, as well as a few other areas, where it’s the job of the application to bind things together, instead of each plugin to figure out what to do and when.  As a result of this simplification, the plugins will be much easier to use in other applications, outside of Qobrix.  There will be fewer events triggered.  And it will be a lot easier to customize Qobrix applications than it is now.

Under the hood changes should be completely transparent to the end users at this stage, except, maybe, a slight performance improvement.

Component Updates