v30.3.0 – Integration Aliases

January 8, 2018


The release of Qobrix v30.3.0 adds unique aliases to Integrations.


Integration Aliases

Qobrix v30.3.0 extends the functionality of Integrations and makes them even easier to control in complex configurations.  So far, Integrations provided a generic way to connect to third-party services and utilize them within the Qobrix applications.  However, in some cases, multiple integrations can be configured for the same actions, either as alternatives or a fallback.  For example, several mass email providers can be configured for the Leads module in the CRM application.  In such cases, it was difficult to fetch and use a particular integration, as there was no point of reference except the integration type and the module for which it was configured.

This version of Qobrix brings the new alias field to Integrations.   Alias is a unique reference for a particular integration, easily used by both humans and machines.  Aliases can be used in configuration files, event listeners and other parts of the application that requires a particular selection of an integration.