v30.3.1 – Minor Improvements

January 10, 2018


The release of Qobrix v30.3.1 brings a few minor fixes and improvements.


Menu Fix for Popups

In this release we fixed a minor issue with some menus, which had items linking to popup screens.  All such menu items now correctly link to a blank (#) URL instead of the action URL for the popup action.  Some examples of the popups that were affected by this issue are Custom Permissions and Integration actions.

Improved Module Baking

Qobrix is built on top of the CakePHP framework and utilizes a number of internal tools and processes.  One of such tools is bake, which provides a quick way to create new modules and migrations for the Qobrix application.  Current versions of bake are using a custom format for specifying templates for the new files.  Upcoming new major release of bake will switch to the widely used and well-known Twig templating engine.  Both the old custom format and the new Twig format are currently supported by bake.  In Qobrix v30.3.1 we have updated all Qobrix templates to use the Twig format instead of the legacy custom format.  This should provide a smooth upgrade transition once the new major version of bake is released.

Component Updates