v31.0.1 – User Interface Improvements

January 12, 2018


The release of Qobrix v31.0.1 brings a variety of user interface improvements to login and change password screens, admin menu, and basic search.  This release, in fact, should have been tagged as a minor, not a bugfix, but we think you’ll forgive us this minor miscommunication.


User Interface Improvements

In this release, we bring you a few user interface improvements.  Let’s start with the less noticeable.

Qobrix - Users - Login - v31.0.1

We have modified the login and change password forms slightly, to have the hinting icons on the left.  This is more consistent with the form fields the user sees inside the Qobrix application.  And it also works around the problem with password managers in some browsers adding their own hints to the right side of the form fields.  Users with such browser configurations shouldn’t see overlaps of two icons no more.

Qobrix - Admin - Menu - v31.0.1

The screenshot above shows the other two changes that we bring to you with Qobrix v31.0.1.

Firstly, we moved the basic search form from the left sidebar to the upper-right corner.  This is where the majority of the users are expecting to find it.  Previous location was the default we left alone from the AdminLTE theme.  But after getting a lot of feedback about the search form being not obvious and hard to find we decided to make it more prominent.

Secondly, we have changed the look and feel of the admin menu.  The new look is more consistent with the main menu styling and behavior.  It also adds support for nested menu organization.  With more and more features being introduced into Qobrix, admin menu was getting longer and progressively more difficult to use.  The new style allows us to group related menu items and provides plenty of space for the new and upcoming features.

Component Updates