v31.6.0 – Payment Gateway Integrations

February 12, 2018


The release of Qobrix v31.6.0 expands the Integrations functionality with connectivity to several Payment Service Providers (PSPs).  It also brings a variety of improvements to the build and deployment tools, as well as several fixes to some minor issues.


Payment Gateway Integrations

Qobrix platform is used to build a variety of business applications.  And while many of these handle purely internal business tasks and communications, many others require connectivity to Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and payment gateways.  For quite some time now, we have been offering custom integrations on a project-by-project and case-by-case basis.  But starting with this release, we are moving towards a more standard and easier way to connect your Qobrix application to the payment service provider.

This is the first release of this functionality, so it is not fully complete yet, and requires a few tweaks and fixes.  However, Qobrix application developers and system integrators can already start playing with a few PSPs, such as PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Netbanx, and more.  Underneath this Qobrix functionality, is the excellent Payum library that supports more than 50 payment services.  And if that is not enough, we have also bridged the Payum integration with another library – Omnipay – which supports a few more!

Deployment Improvements

Qobrix v31.6.0 also continues the migration from our Phake-based build and deployment tool set, to the newer and better Robo-based tool set. Now that our Robo setup is working and provides the same core functionality as the old Phake setup, we are doing a bit of reorganization and cleanup.  Our target is to remove the Phake-based tool set in the next major release.

Other Changes

In this release, we have also updated a few external dependencies, as well as fixed several minor issues.  As we are phasing out the support for PHP 5.6 and moving towards PHP 7+, more and better tools become available to us for additional quality control.  One of such tools that we are looking forward to integrate into the Qobrix development process is PHPStan – a PHP static analysis tool.  PHPStan helps developers find bugs and potential future issues automatically, by analyzing the existing code base.  This version features several fixes to some minor issues identified by PHPStan.

Component Updates