v33.0.1 – Minor Fixes

March 12, 2018


The release of Qobrix v33.0.1 fixes several regressions introduced in previous version.


Minor Fixes

In this version we have fixed a few minor issues introduced by major code refactoring in the previous version.  These are:

  • Incorrect icons on the Related Field inputs.  Instead of showing the appropriate related module icon, the system was falling back onto the default “cube” icon.  This is now addressed and the correct related module icons are shown properly.
  • Broken typeahead on the related Group inputs.  Related Groups is the new piece of functionality, which we introduced for the Group Access permissions recently.  In some configurations, the typeahead on the Group input field was not returning any results.  This is now fixed as well.

We have also included additional unit tests to make sure these issues don’t happen again.

Component Updates