v33.0.2 – Minor Improvements


The release of Qobrix v33.0.2 brings a few minor improvements to the upgrade process and to the Role Management.


Upgrade Process Improvements

In this version, we have improved the upgrade process with a couple of changes:

  • Upgrade tasks are now sorted and executed chronologically.  This change shouldn’t affect any current systems, but might prevent some future bugs and inconsistencies.  It also makes the upgrade process a lot more predictable.
  • Added 1 second delay to the migrations baking.  Our naming convention for the migration files extends that one of the CakePHP framework, and adds the timestamp to the migration class name.  This works well, except one particular scenario which we discovered recently – when automatically baking several migrations in a batch, there is a possibility of multiple migrations created for the same configuration file, with the same timestamp, which causes the migration process to fail later due to duplicate class names.  We have added a 1 second delay to the baking of the migration files now, which fixes the issue by ensuring each migration file has a unique timestamp.

Role Management Improvements

For the recently introduced Group Access, we have updated the captions and descriptions of capabilities from “Belongs To” and “Owner” to “Belongs”.   Having a single description across the board is more consistent, and having a different one from the User Access (where we use “Owner”) should help to differentiate the two a bit more.