v33.2.2 – Minor Improvements

March 19, 2018


The release of Qobrix v33.2.2 introduces a number of improvements throughout the system.


Configuration Improvements

In one of the recent releases we improved the Validation Shell functionality with support for a variety of stricter checks.  In this version we are taking advantage of those checks.  In particular, we have enabled stricter checks for module icons (do not allow the default “cube” icon) and display fields (do not allow the default “id” field).  We have also updated all modules’ configurations where these rules were violated.  This should result in much more user-friendly Qobrix applications.

Sets in Search

In one of the other recent releases a regression slipped through, which removed the “Add to Set” button from the Advanced Search results.  Qobrix v33.2.2 fixes the issue and the button should be back, provided the user has sufficient access to use the functionality.

Cache Clear in Deploy

In this version we have also improved the cache clearing during the deployment process.  Previously, we only cleared the cache as the last step of the deployment, to make sure all the new configurations kicked in.  However, with a more and more elaborate build and deployment process, updated configurations are needed earlier than that – not after, but during the deployment.  We now clear the cache twice during the deployment, once as the first step of the deployment, and once like before as a last step of the deployment.  This should make deployments and upgrades a lot more consistent, as well as minimize annoying cache-related messages during the process.

Component Updates