v33.7.0 – Dashboards, Surveys, Scheduled Tasks

April 4, 2018


The release of Qobrix v33.7.0 brings a variety of improvements throughout the system, and in particular to Dashboards, Surveys, and Scheduled Tasks.



In this release we have re-iterated over the Dashboards look, feel and functionality.  The list of available widgets now works much better with available features and does not pollute the user interface with widgets that belong to disabled functionality.  Also, we made it easier for users on Qobrix systems with large number of widgets to differentiate between saved searches, calendars, CMS sites, and other types of widgets – these now use different colors and icons.


We continue our work on the Surveys module.  In Qobrix v33.7.0 Surveys got a major user interface overhaul, with actions organized better and with drill-down navigation.   Working with a particular survey will limit the answers that only belong to the selected survey, and working with answer options for a particular question, will look much cleaner as well.

Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled Tasks functionality, which is our wrapper around system schedulers like cron, is almost complete now.  There is a single script that needs to be configured in the system scheduler, which will run all scheduled tasks at appropriate times.  The administration interface is almost finalized as well.  And we do a better job of locking the wrong-running tasks.  Now they don’t stop other tasks from running any more.

Component Updates