v34.0.1 – Conversion and Performance Improvements

April 13, 2018


The release of Qobrix v34.0.1 improves performance of the complex save operations and makes Conversions a lot more flexible.


Performance Improvements

In this version we have significantly improved the performance of the complex save operations.  When saving large data sets with many related records, Qobrix now uses a much faster and simpler way to identify what needs to be saved and in which order.

Conversion Improvements

Qobrix provides a flexible conversion process for transforming a record of one module into one or more records of other modules.  For example, in CRM applications, a Lead can be converted into an Account, or a Client and Trading Account.  Until today, each module could have its own conversion configuration, but the role permissions were global – a user either had access to conversion process or not at all.  With Qobrix v34.0.1, conversion process is fully functional on a per module level, including the permissions.  This means that a user can have access to convert a Lead into an Account, but not an Opportunity into Contract.

Component Updates