v36.2.0 – Import Improvements

September 26, 2018


The release of Qobrix v36.2.0 brings a variety of improvements to the Import functionality.


Import Improvements

In this release we have fixed and improved a variety of issues around the Import functionality.  Some of the most noticeable changes are:

  • Imported records now have the correct Created By and Modified By fields, which are associated with the user who is executing the Import.
  • List field values are now handled a lot better.  We try to find the correct list item by the database value first, and if that fails, we now use the label as well.  This should significantly improve the Import of the records that have been Exported previously.
  • Import run is now much more stable and handles database errors (such as those of failed validations) a lot more gracefully.  Instead of stopping the import run, the problematic records will now be marked with failed status, and the import will continue on to the next records.


As always, this version contains a number of other small fixes and improvements.  Among these, is the new CakePHP shell script and a button in the Administrator interface to cleanup the Integrations logs.  These two can are interchangeable, so that the logs can be cleaned up manually via the web interface, command line, or the Scheduled Jobs.

Component Updates