v36.4.0 – Dynamic Templates


The release of Qobrix v36.4.0 introduces the support for Dynamic Templates and a variety of export formats,  such as PDF, HTML, and plain text.


Most of the Qobrix applications are very data-oriented.  Different business keep a variety of information in the system – contact details, communication records, opportunities and deals, documents, and so on.  Qobrix makes it easy to enter, maintain and find all that information.  And today we are extending the functionality of Qobrix with Dynamic Templates which now make it a lot easier to use the stored information in a variety of ways.

Dynamic Templates module allows administrators to create pre-defined templates that can be used for sending out messages (SMS, email, etc) or for exporting of the information in a variety of formats (PDF, HTML, plain text, etc).  Dynamic Templates can be used with a single record or with a collection of records (a Set) from a particular module.

As always, this is the first draft of the new functionality and it is currently only enabled for a few select beta users.  Once we collect the feedback and iterate a few times, this feature will be generally available.