v39.2.0 – Survey Scoring

December 19, 2018


The release of Qobrix v39.2.0 adds support for scoring Survey results, as well as brings a variety of fixes and improvements.


Survey Scoring

In this version we have extended the Survey functionality to support scoring.  This is particularly useful for the Qobrix Forex solutions, which often have regulatory requirements to implement appropriateness testing for new traders.  Now, when building a Survey, each Answer can be assigned a score.  Once the Survey is submitted, the sum of all scores will represent the total score of the Survey Result.  This, in turn, can be used to adjust business processes, such as onboarding of the new users.

Various Fixes and Improvements

Qobrix v39.2.0 brings a variety of fixes and improvements throughout the system.  Some of the most noticeable ones are:

  • Outgoing emails work properly once again for the environments where SMTP server does not use any credentials (empty username and password).
  • Fallback values for lists now correctly follow the order of specific module config (from custom to vendor) and Common module config (from custom to vendor).
  • Fetching URLs of the file attachments and their appropriate thumbnails or icons have been significantly simplified.
  • A few more PHPStan errors and CakePHP 3.6 deprecated warnings have been fixed.
  • Reverse synchronization logic (for example, from CRM to Portal) and Messaging Queue configuration have been simplified and improved.
  • Custom Permissions were added to Integrations, allowing finer control of which user can execute which integration.

Component Updates