v39.3.0 – Integrations


The release of Qobrix v39.3.0 brings a variety of improvements existing integrations, as well as a few new ones.



Qobrix v39.3.0 is all about integrations with external tools an services.  Firstly, here some of the new integrations that we included in this release:

  • Integrics Enswitch.  Qobrix now supports click-to-call functionality via the Integrics Enswitch integration.  This works for any module with telephone number fields, in combination with the Phone Extension field on the User profile.
  • Zoopla.co.uk.  Zoopla is a Real Estate property listing website.  Qobrix Real Estate solutions can now be integrated with Zoopla for automated publishing and maintenance of properties.

Additionally, we have improved the following existing integrations:

  • Rightmove.co.uk.  We have made the recently released Rightmove integration a lot more stable and flexible.
  • Trading Platforms.  Our advanced integration with trading platforms has seen significant improvements, especially in the areas of stability, error handling, and advanced business logic.

As always, there are more and better integrations coming soon.