v39.4.0 – Webhook Integrations


The release of Qobrix v39.4.0 brings a variety of updates and fixes to underlying components, as well as new support for Webhooks for Integrations.


Webhook Integrations

Qobrix provides a flexible Integration layer for connecting Qobrix applications with third-party tools and services.  Most such integrations require outgoing calls to third-party APIs.  Most of Qobrix’s own functionality is exposed via the REST/JSON API, making incoming calls easy to integrate as well.  However, there is frequently a thin layer in between that helps even further – Webhooks.

Webhooks allow many third-party applications to notify Qobrix of certain events.  These notifications are so simple and straight-forward that they often don’t require any coding at all – just a bit of  configuration.  Some examples of Webhook uses include:

  • Monitoring services, which can notify Qobrix of a certain event occurring (server going down, order being placed, etc).
  • Development services, like GitHub and BitBucket,  which can notify Qobrix of new changes being submitted.
  • Live chat providers, which can notify Qobrix of a new chat starting or completing.

Of course, there needs to be additional functionality on the side of Qobrix to process these Webhook notifications and act accordingly.  In this release, there are none yet (we’ll be bringing more of these in the next few releases). However, Qobrix developers can already utilise  Webhook support to implement more powerful integrations with their required services.

Component Updates

In this version we have rolled out a number of updates related to our AdminLTE theme integration, and some of its components (mostly JavaScript libraries).  These should resolve a variety of small issues throughout the system, from menus to form fields and validation.