v39.5.0 – Integrations, Dynamic Templates, and More


The release of Qobrix v39.5.0 brings a variety of improvements and fixes throughout the system.  In particular, several integrations were updated, including Rightmove and MT4 Reporting Server.



In this release we have reiterated over a number of Qobrix integrations.

Rightmove, one of the largest UK real estate property listing websites, is one of our recent integrations.  In this version we have improved the support of the overseas properties, publishing and removal of the listings, as well as expanded the list of the supported fields.

MT4 Reporting Server, which is one of the most popular Qobrix integrations for Forex brokers, was significantly rewritten for speed and flexibility.  Not only we can now synchronize the trading accounts and trading history, but we also support the creation and linking of other CRM records, like client accounts and transactions, from the information in the trading platform.

Dynamic Templates

We have also significantly improved our Dynamic Templates functionality, which is not an integration by itself, but is used heavily by several integrations.  We now support different behaviors for dynamic templates rendering – preview, generate, download, etc.  Additionally, we also support updating of the vendor provided templates.


As always, this release contains a number of other small fixes and improvements.  Among these are:

  • AdminLTE theme fixes and improvements.  In particular, we now make sure to always load the correct Google fonts.
  • Improved module baking.  Default configuration files are now inline with the validation rules.
  • A number of PHPStan fixes and small code refactoring all over the system.