v40.0.0 – Social, Email, and Surveys


The release of Qobrix v40.0.0 brings a variety of major changes throughout the system, especially so to Surveys and Messaging Center.  It also introduces the initial functionality for Social Media support.


Social Media

Qobrix v40.0.0 introduces the initial first draft of the functionality for the Social Media.  In this day and age, it is impossible to ignore the importance of social media, not only on the personal lives, but also on the business processes and practices.  While Qobrix provided some basic integration functionality to connect to social networks for a long time now (especially so for the Qobrix Intranet applications), that was not sufficient for the modern day needs.

In this version, we are bringing the initial support for deeper social media integration.  This functionality is currently disabled by default and does not yet provide anything useful for the end-users, but it does lay an important foundation for the new features to come in.

Conceptually, Qobrix at some not so distant future, will allow business to monitor their own social activities, centralize social media monitoring, and have an in-depth analysis of what works and what doesn’t, as well as an easier and faster way to interact with real and potential clients via the social media.

Email Integration

Since the early days of Qobrix, Messaging Center functionality allowed to notify system users of important updates, as well as for the users of the system to communicate with each other.  Additionally, there were a few bit of functionality that notified external people of important events within Qobrix via email.

In this release we are bringing the first iteration of extended Messaging Center functionality which expands and extends email support to a first class citizen within the Qobrix application.  There is of course plenty of work to be done here, so we’ve separated these big changes into phases.  The first phase will add support of the incoming email and automatic linking of such emails to other system records, like Leads, Clients, Documents, etc.  Once the incoming emails are working properly, we’ll move to the second phase that should bring the outgoing email support as well.


Qobrix v40.0.0 brings a major improvement to the Surveys functionality.  After gathering the feedback from some of the users, as well as observing the usage of this functionality, we realized that most surveys currently in use, are very business oriented, and hence include a lot of questions (dozens instead of singles).  In this release we are improving the Surveys management to support Sections.  Instead of having dozens of questions in a single pile, it is now possible to organize them into sections by subject or other criteria.  Sections can be rendered collapsed or expanded in an accordion manner to assist with the easier user interface.


As always, every release brings a variety of small changes all over the place.  Some of the most visible changes in this version are:

  • Significant code cleanup and removal of obsolete functionality
  • Preparation for a major refactoring and improvement of Search functionality
  • Flexible support for encrypted values in the module fields
  • Continued shift of the user interface components from back-end to VueJS front-end.