v40.1.0 – Dynamic Templates, Messages, Countries


The release of Qobrix v40.1.0 brings a number of fixes and improvements throughout the system.  Dynamic Templates, Messaging Center, and Country Field Handler are the most focused at bits in this version.


Dynamic Templates

Qobrix v40.1.0 reiterates over the Dynamic Templates once again.   Some of the biggest changes in this area are:

  • Support for loading templates from external files
  • JSON Schema is introduced for external files
  • A few example templates are added for easier testing

Messaging Center

In this release we have fixed some edge cases with migration of the old style messages to the new structure with mailboxes and folders.  No longer the messages should appear as duplicates.  We have also increased the overall test coverage of the Messaging Center to over 90% of the codebase.

Country Field Handler

We have introduced the Country Field Handler a while back.  In this release we have converted a few module fields to use the Country Field Handler by default.  Country lists should be the same as before, but the rendering of inputs and values should be a lot nicer.  Country inputs are now rendered as select2 type-ahead fields, with flag icons.  Values are now rendered as the country flag and name, making them a lot easier to recognize.